Put Your Needs On the List

Say it with me: I deserve to be happy.

When you’re going through a transformation, either physical or emotional, it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck between your past and future. For many of us trying to make healthier choices in life, this is where things can get interesting. You haven’t quite yet reached your goal, but you’ve also made a lot of progress toward it. It’s the middle of the race and there’s no one around to cheer you on or block your path. You are all alone or you feel that way. Maybe you feel like giving up. Maybe you’ve lost your way a bit and are second-guessing the direction you are heading in.


If that’s the case, now is when it’s a good idea to refocus and reaffirm why you started out on this journey in the first place. You can also cut yourself some slack if you haven’t made as much progress as you hoped you would by now. Because you can’t move forward if you’re beating yourself up and filling your head with a bunch of negative self-talk.


If you’re used to putting yourself second on the list (or not at all) or not feeling entitled to love or success or happiness, now may be an uncomfortable time for you. Prioritizing your needs or asking for what you deserve when you aren’t used to that is difficult. You may find yourself filled with feelings of guilt and self-doubt.


Shake them off. Keep reminding yourself that you deserve to be happy. Find a mantra and use it. Deborah Hanekamp, a Shaman-based in New York City, once said to me, “Trust that the people in your life will still love you when you are your authentic self.” It’s something I hold onto—and say to myself—when I feel unsure of the changes I’m trying to make in my life.


Say it with me:


I can do this.

I am stronger than anyone realizes.

Everything I want is within my reach.


Posted in LIVE, Uncategorized on January, 2017